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    Jim Jim Falls - Barrk Malam walk.

    Jim Jim Falls - On the Kakadu Highway down Cooinda at the south end of Kakadu National Park to Jim Jim and Twin Falls. (Side trip of 130km return). From the north end of the park turn east off the Kakadu Highway 43km south of the Bowali Centre. this is only a 4WD access road. A just under 2km return walk through a monsoon forest and over small and larger boulders will take you to a deep plunge pool surrounded by ancient, 150-metre high cliffs where the falls pound the bottom druring the Tropical Summer also known as the Green or Wet Seasons usually from late November to March. As season may change access may be unpredictable. Jim Jim Gorge Track is an icon of the region and must do for the fit and adventureous.

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  • Kakadu and Jim Jim beach pool and plunge pool

    Crossing over to the beach pool is done by folks at about 300 metres before the massive rocks to the plunge pools entrance. See my 3rd last photos about. When I wa shere there were 2 guided tour groups here though our guide opted for the plung pool.

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  • Jim Jim Gorge in Kakadu

    Jim Jim Gorge and seasonal falls Another concern is the removal of crocodiles hence the croc trap and crocodile facts you see in the web pages to follow. Crocodile monitoring is constant and the removal of any crocodiles in Jim Jim is a proirity and sometimes the falls may be closed for an extra week or so to trap any crocodile that has well wandered in. I took this photo of the crocodile trap from Jim Jim track to the Jim Jim Gorge and Falls.

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    Jim Jim Gorge Walk - Blog Barrk Malam Walk and Viewing Pool track:

    Jim Jim Gorge Walk - Blog Barrk Malam Walk and Viewing Pool track: Now this is no 4 minute mile folks. I took a series of photo's of the track for one reason. So many folks ask me how difficult is the track and how do you explain you scramble up a large boulder and slide down the other side. What you imagine is quiet often different to what is actually there. So below is a series of photo's of the track as it goes along. I would say the place called the Baark Malam turnoff sign or 'Gorge Viewing Area' is a good spot to relax and take your breath in after the first section.

    Barrk Malam Walk and Viewing Pool track - Now on arrival at the carpark you may see 10 cars - sometimes none. That's what I really enjoy about kakadu where we went there was no crowd. maybe we were lucky but I never even tried to plan the day, I just got up and went. From the Baark Malam turn off sign it stated to get more difficult as you see. We went forward here to the Gorge Viewing Area a further 200 metres on.

    Do not enter the water downstream of the Jim Jim Falls plunge pool. Estuarine crocodiles may be present.

    When we stopped here we saw the pool above and everyone just wanted to stay and swim. then the guide said hey look over there. We saw the cage - below photo and knew straight away what it was. it was a croc trap. That curbed the wish for swimming for the moment. though the water was crystral clear and so pure. There were fish everywhere to be seen. The Pandanas Plams that hung over the waters edge just made the picture. Really if your not into long walks over uneven ground you may just be satified to stay there and contemplate the world around you.

    You would think for the number of people visiting kakadu that Jim Jim would be like a small city but by this stage not one person passed out tour group and this was around 10am.

    Kakadu also has a bird population that overwhelms the senses. You just have to be there to know what I mean.

    Recapping the walk - now the first few 100 metres of the next section seemed fine with a sandy track and I breezed that it. Though still looking back and wanting a swim but remembering the croc trap. Then it went from sandy to embedded rocks in sand. ok still not bad to walk over. Actually walking on a track next to pristines waters takes away the hardness of the track from the mind I found. Our guide in the red was watching marg she wa sthe last. She was in hospital with a chipped spine for many weeks years ago so she went very slow on purpose.

    About this point 'Plunge Pool' sign you cross over for the beach pool you see later in our photo's below. In the picture above is were some of our group decided to sit it out before the final 300 metres over the rocks to the pool at the gorges end. Well it was worth the walk that's for sure. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, nah just one word 'memorable'. You can see the beach pool on the other side in the pictures below. Here most medium adventure tour groups like to swim and go.

    During our drive - our guide stopped all of a sudden and pointed out the Bush Passionfruit - top left photo. Then further along he stopped again and poitend out that when nuts fall from this tree the Aboriginals learnt over time was also the time that turles layed there eggs.

    Sometime a tour guide offers that little gem of knowledge at the right time that no reading a book could ever match.

    Plateau above Jim Jim Falls - Barrk Malam walk. A very steep marked walking route leads to the plateau above Jim Jim Falls. This walk is suitable only for very fit people, who can manage a very steep climb in hot conditions. Allow 4 to 6 hours for this walk and carry plenty of water. It is advisable to start in the cooler hours of the morning. Wear good walking shoes and appropriate clothing.

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